New 2018 Endorsements:

“Duncan has a proven track record of effective leadership in everything he gets involved with.  He is a real conservative who understands the economic and financial issues facing the County”
Hon. John Longstreet, Former Plano Mayor
“… he is a good steward of the taxpayers’ money …, innovative, a hard working problem solver, who gets things done.” 
Hon. Pat Evans, Former Plano Mayor
“Duncan has the business and legal backgrounds to keep Collin County taxes low while continuing the services we expect.  Duncan has proven he is a person with strong moral character, integrity and conservative values. I respect him and feel he would bring many of the qualities Jack brought to the Commissioner's Court.  
Pat Hatchell

We support Duncan Webb for Collin County Commissioner

State Representative, District 66, Brian McCall
 The Real Estate Council (TREC)
Missy Bender    
Melody Timinsky, Former Plano ISD Trustee
Hon. Jean Callison  
Hon. Pat Evans, Former Plano Mayor
Hon. Ralph Stow, Former Plano ISD Trustee
Hon. John Longstreet, Former Plano Mayor
Dr. Allan Bird, Former Plano ISD Trustee
Scott Johnson, Former Plano City Council 
Jim Boswell, Citizen of the Year 1992
Dr. Doug Otto
Dixie Clem, Former Republican GOP Chair
Dr. James Davis
Judy Drotman, Former Plano ISD Trustee
Dr. Myrtle Hightower
Linda Nelson, Former Plano ISD Trustee
Rev. Donald Underwood
Robbie Robinson, Citizen of the Year 2000 
Lloyd “Skip” Jenkins
Tino Trujillo, Citizen of the Year 1987
Phil Wentworth, Citizen of the Year 2001
Lisa Raskin, Past Junior League President 
Hon. Steve Stovall, Former Plano City Council
Cheryl Joyner, Past Junior League President
Rick Neudorff, Former Republican GOP Chair 
Denise Bickel, Past Junior League President
Sally Magnuson, Former Plano City Council Member
Hon. Phyllis Cole, Former Collin County Commissioner
Ronelle Ianace, Past Junior League President
Gerayne Hesseltine, Past Junior League President
Rebecca Eggleston-Caso, Past Junior League President
(partial listing)



Joan Adams
Bill Adams
Meredith Adams
Laura Albert
Tom Albert
Mellie Baggett
Bob Baggett
John Bailey
Mark A. Balll
Nathan Barbera
Susan Baxley
William Baxley
Karen Beeson
Mike Beeson
Doug Bender
David Bickel
Carolyn Bird
Allan Bird
Mike Boswell
Ann Boswell
Myra Boswell
JoAnn Botts
Bob Botts
Julie Brown
Mark Brown
Sue Bucher
Terry Bucher
Roxanne Burleson
Jerry Burleson
Glenn Callison
Nena Camp
Michael Camp
Michele Cavenee
Mike Cavenee
Malissa Cestari
Kathy Chamberlain
Jim Clark
Julie Clark
Pamela Grant-Clark
Jackie Coalter
Lewis Coalter
Kristen Colvert
Scott Colvert
Denise Culler
Brett Cullers
Laura Curran
Chris Curran
Cathy Curry
Tom Curry
Warren Davidson
Louise Davis
Dr. James Davis
Maribelle Davis
Reeves Davis
Holly Davis
Ross Davis
Tracie Deason
Jackie Denbritz
Necia Dexter
Mike Dexter
Debbie Dobbs
Joyce Dominquez
Joe Dominquez
Marilee Donaldson
Richard Donaldson
Jackie Dorbritz
Alan Dorbritz
David L Downs
Judy Drotman
Bob Drotman
Bob Drotman
Chuck Evans
Dianne Everett
Karen Fishero
Harvey Fishero
Tom Freas
Muffie Freas
Bill Gammill
Ellen Garfield
Howard Garfield
Linda Garner
Ida Gephart
Paul Gephart
Dr. Lynne Gerlach
Dr. Bill Gerlach
Kim Gleason
Lori Goodman
Cam Goodman
Lisa Gorman
Dennis Gorman
Cami Gorsky
Nancy Goss
Dale Goss
John Gregoire
Carol Greisdorf
Howard Greisdorf
Bruce Griffith
Tim and Laurie Haese
Terri Hagan
John Hagan
Lynn Hanks
Bill Hanks
Mary Harris
Allyn Harris
John Hay
Norma Hay
Pat Heckel
Gene Heckel
Dustin Hesseltine
Bret Hesseltine
Kim Hill
Kim Hill
Bob Hill
Mark Hinshaw
Jim Hirsch
Jim Hirsch
Bill Hobbs
Lou Holly
Gary Holly
Diane Hopson
Jim Hopson
Martha Huffman
Jerry Huffman
Kelly Hunter
John Hunter
Sally Hurd
Dr. Paul Hurd
Pete Ianace
Judy Jackson
as needed
Nancy Janak
Paul Jaqua
Toni Jenkins
Dr. Mark Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Jody Johnson
Carol Jones
Richard Joyner
Laura Kakar
Rajdeep Kakar
Pam Keller
Mike Keller
David King
Bindy Kshatnya
Baku Kshattnya
Stephen Li
Stephen Li
John Lindell
Joyce Logan
Brenda Longstreet
Diane Lynch
Jeff Lynch
John Van Maele
Ken Magnuson
Marilyn Mahoney
Jack Mahoney
Sue Maienschien
Kara Manza
Bob Manza
Richard K. Matkin, CPA
Richard Matkin
Bob McCutcheon
Lynda McDevitt
Jim McDevitt
Ann McKeown
Tom McKeown
Thomas F. McWilliams
Linda Medlen
Ormie Melton
Ron Melton
Barry Mendelsohn
Cara Mendelsohn
Raj Menon
Deepa Menon
Angela Miner, Plano City Council
Susan Modisette
Danny Modisette
Christel Morrison
Donna Mullis
Sam Mullis
Judy Murphey
Forrest Murphey
Rene Neely
Hank Neely
Kimberly Nelon
DeWayne Nelon
Robert Nelson
Kimberly Neudorff
Kay Norris
Bob Norris
Avery O’Neill
Hank O’Neill
Bobbi Otto
Mary Palmer
Kelly Palmer
Linda Paulk
Bob Paulk
Nell Pearce
Dave Pearce
Becky Pegram
Ronald Pegram
Leslie Peskind
Steven Peskind
Susan Plonka
Julie Prentiss
Rick Prentiss
Mark Raskin
Gwen M. Rawls
Gwen Rawls
Sylvia Reid
Janet Richeson
Jan Richeson
Warner Richeson
Bart Ridley
Lynore Robinson
Julie Rosener
Greg Rosener
Lisa Sams
Betty Schlueter
Richard Schlueter
Mark Schlueter
Kim Shaddock
Bill Shaddock
as you see fit
Lorraine Shimuzu
Kandi Sigona
Jim Sigona
Jason Simon
Joan Smith
Joan Smith
Berk Smith
Dr. Yoram Solomon
Heather Sprock
Mike Sprock
Steve Standifer
Jenny Steinert
Jim Steinert
Gail Stelter
Gail Stelter
Laurie Stixrood
David Stixrood
Janet Stovall
Susan Stow
Copperfield Custom Homes, LLC
Joanne Terry
Ralph Terry
Bob Thompson
Carol Thompson
Tracy Tomson
Steve Tomson
Marion Tucker
Larry Tucker
Anne Turano
Joe Turano
Don Underwood
Bobbi Underwood
Al Valente
Hilary Valente
Becki Veal
Les Veal
Betty Veale
Ed Veale
Coleen Villarreal
Troy Villarreal
Deanna Warner
Hal Warner
Donna Watkins
Jim Watkins
Beth Weingarden
Gary Weingarden
Sue Wentworth
Kim West
Lisa Willingham
Wiley Willingham
Pam Wohlers
Craig Wohlers
Karon Young
Steve Young
Leah Young
Travis Young


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